BARRAT HOMES celebrates their 60 years in China

HWCD , 2018-03-31

In the afternoon of March 3rd, 2018, the sponsor Barratt Homes and IMAX personal movie theatre accompanied hundreds of Barratt Homes British residents and Shanghai professionals from various industries and gathered at the Shanghai Aman Yangyun Resorts for the celebration of a new year. HWCD was invited to participate as a co-organizer and celebrated together the 60th anniversary of Barratt Homes’ establishment and the 6th anniversary since it first entered China; HWCD also witnessed together the grand opening ceremony of the first Aman Yangyun IMAX personal movie theatre in China.

At the event, CEO of the Barratt Homes China district, James Piesse, welcomed the guests with a warm greeting and introduced what Barratt Homes had achieved in Britain and its great investment future in China.

As a co-organizer to Barratt Homes, one of the HWCD founder, Mr. Robert was also invited for a speech. He excitedly announced his original intention when he entered the design industry and what HWCD held as its philosophy: “Make improvements to life with designs”. HWCD constantly followed the detailed requirements of each individual projects, made analysis and researches upon that and designed for each customer a unique piece of design concept. Under the delicate craftsmanship and an unremitting pursue to innovation, HWCD was dedicated to recreating the true definition of luxury with humanized designs.

About the Dual-City plan established by HWCD, Robert thought it as “a Dual-City interior design service targeting high-valued customers in both London and Shanghai”. This service allowed international property owners in China to enjoy a high-end British bespoke service. The experienced British designers in HWCD London office were responsible for a complete line of service from measurement, design, FF&E product purchase, site acceptance to finally an accomplishment. While at the same time, Harmony Home under HWCD would be responsible for a professional joint between parties and a seamless and in-time information guidance to the Shanghai team and the property owners, that guaranteed a smooth communication between the owners’ expectations and the designers’ feedbacks. Lastly, Robert also sent to Barratt Homes the sincerest greetings regarding their 60th anniversary of establishment and 6th anniversary of entering China.

When the event approached an end, we welcomed the lucky draw of the finale grand award. The HWCD founders, Hadden, Robert and Peter were invited to present the prizes to award-winning guests.

In the end, manager of the Barratt Homes East China region, Ms. Chunyan Zhang hosted the award ceremony and gave a closing speech. All the guests toasted each other, shared their emotions and thoughts. The event ended successfully.

Britain Barratt Homes

HWCD co-organized with Barratt Homes their 60th anniversary ceremony, successively participated in many personal housing designs of Barratt Homes’ customers and formed with it a great cooperative relationship. Barratt Homes was one of the British real estate developers with the highest market value. It was established in 1958, appeared in the London stock listing in 1968 and had become one of the FTSE 100 index stocks. It entered China in 2012 with a whole Chinese speaking consulting team who were dedicated in providing one-stop services to British property owners.

Barratt Homes developed more than 365 buildings each year on average. It was the one and only company in Britain that won the name of Five Star Honored Real Estate Developer continuously for eight years. Housings developed by Barratt Homes would be given a 10-years structure quality warranty and a 2-years quality warranty from the Britain National House Building Council (NHBC).