"Greenland Huangpu Center" is situated in the heart of Shanghai, where Yan’an Road reaches the promenade alongside Huangpu River. It stands in former Luwan District which has a hundred-year rich cultural heritage. Now it has been developed as the core of New Huangpu, connecting the river coast from the bund to the artistic west coast of Xuhui. Enjoying the great view of Huangpu River and Expo Park, Greenland Huangpu Centre is a fortress of elegance and sophisticated luxury.

The only 270 degree South-facing panoramic river views in the whole of Shanghai, creates the unique broad city view for the residential apartment buildings "G-Bund Residence" .The open field of vision gives birth to the open mind and the wisdom of the brain, the broad sense of the world is different from the appreciation of the world.

The introduction of the 177 model of the soft furnishings and furnishings from the HWCD design, the overall space immersed in the high gray style. It soft and peaceful, stable, harmonious and unified, not strong, not dazzling, but it never is monotonic, because the key to the application of color is tie-in, no one color is independent, color of each fusion reality a mellow and delicate texture, implies a complex elements rather than simply. Just as keen on this luxury Yingqun body - Jing wisdom of the mind, rational attitude and a reserved way of life.

The designed flats are not only the apartments for living, but a place for agitated inspiration and spontaneous communication. Extra-long horizontal width of the dining room, in coordination with the flexible open kitchen, has been evolved from a simple family dining space into a multi-function place for home parties. Through a full size French window, the night view of the Huangpu River has been completed with the refraction halo of red wine. One can invite some friends and enjoy the wine in the L-shaped sofa; or you can be alone in the balcony overlooking the river, enjoy the breeze and the moment of meditation.

Smart luxury is no longer indulged in complicated decoration and so-called luxury, but focus on the elegant shape by its stretched lines and exquisite details of texture. The elegant grey indicates the solemn resolute attitude. Uniform color, seat cushion, carpet art, interspersed with each other, and a variety use of different grey constructs a spacious and sophisticated room . The imported Italian brand furniture, makes the overall space exude a unique elegant atmosphere in Italy. Sofa,FREEMAN, is simple but stand lasting Taste: excellent ratio, height from the ground and size are just right, fine workmanship ensures that the sofa whole softness and sofa full of external morphology, functional sofa to the fullest. The tea table with marble finish, reflects the high grade of the control ability.

The living room decorative paintings based on the London Barbican Arts centre. Concise lines and gray laminated, right embodies the integration of solemn urban and liberal arts, coincides with the Expo and the creative wisdom atmosphere, but also the whole space of the soul window. Seemingly simple subject matter, but reflects the state of the entire universe, to convey a quiet and hidden atmosphere.

The smooth joint of Dining room and living room, shows the overall grasp on the overall sense of the art and functionality. Seat modelling is simple and elegant, curved armrest and linear feet of the chair is in one fell swoop, which draw the outline of the overall shape of the seat, showing the details of the perfect pursuit of excellence. The color, technology and materials in the dining room, shapes the hale and rationality of the whole space feeling, which is solemn and extraordinary.

Into the bedroom, the visual form, color, space, light touch. Cloth and leather woven using, bed of dorsal cortex feeling and exquisite walk the line, would seem to trivial details of life grinding into full of profound insights on life. As Morandi said: "no anything than the real world more abstract and philosophical the artists as long as the true performance saw real, would have been enough to spend more time to study it, it shows." Life has been given the experience of art, using everyday objects to interpret the true meaning of art, to give people a different kind of gentle spiritual comfort.

Everywhere in the space is full of tension, but also mutual constraints, to achieve the perfect balance of vision. In the ordinary life, the pursuit of the deep sense of art and the spiritual realm. Seemingly simple gray halftones, but in the sonority, quietly release the shock of the native and direct inner happiness and elegance.