Location : Shanghai, China


The design located in the vicinity of Century Park, the largest urban green space in Shanghai. As Hyde Park for London and Central Park for New York, Century Park possess an urban landmark in Shanghai.

To resonate with the elite community, the client requires to fully blends low-profile exquisiteness and extravagancy into every detail of the early design concept, an ideology embraced by the elites. By redefining the concept of luxury in the modern context, the designer creates every aspect from vision, touch, even extend to the sense of smell.

The design combines carefully hand crafting and sophisticated art customization, it dedicates to deliver quality living style in every aspect through pattern and detail. The magical touch from the leather, shimmers under the metallic and marble grain and easily gives any space a rustic and luxurious look, yet the geometric lines outlines the depth and texture of the space. Through the perfect patchwork of different types of materials, sophisticated craftsmanship. The overall tone of the design was fillfulled with elegant warm gray color, with peacock blue embellishment shines, the color and texture to a . Not too much decorative details, and through the carefully selected natural material texture to strengthen the overall spatial richness and delicate sense. Different materials on the surface of the gloss contrast, the delicate leather and metal luster support complement each other.

A concentration of attention to every detail makes the design irresistible, creating a true sense of joy. The high quality of life style becomes a norm, as we indulge ourselves in its graceful elegance. The final touch perfectly demonstrates the definition of “high quality,” creating a true sense of place for the visitors.

Imagine a walk through the financial district, on a peaceful night under the hanging moon, shadow champagne merging in the air, understand how creative design solutions support the infusion of vitality to our urban realm.