Client: China Eastern

Location: Xuhui,Shanghai

Oriental Bay Ⅱ

Oriental Bay is located in the center of Xuhui riverside plate, integrated with commodity business, boutique hotels, commercial stores, and exquisite mansions. Project is only 300 meters away from Yunjin Road of Railway NO.11.

As a high-end real estate of Xuhui Riverside plate, Oriental Bay Phase I contains 4 high-rise buildings of 13-16 floors, including 180 hardcover apartments which were all sold-out. Phase II is located in No.399 of Longlan Road (Entrance is at Yunjin Road No.470).Phase II contains 10 hardcover residential high-rises and 5000㎡club. A total of 434 apartments are all above 400㎡.19-23 layers are 5000㎡club . Luxury scale stands for luxury character.

The fa?ade of Oriental Bay were designed by HWCD design team. HWCD design team not only leads the fashion of luxury interior design field, but also is specialized in designing luxury residential buildings. With the spirit of artisan on perfection, an elegant and luxury fa?ade are presented to people.

The inspiration of the fa?ade comes from the classical old buildings in Xuhui and the Old Bund architecture. The “White palace” on Fenyang Road and celebrities former homes on Hengshan Road is well-known as Xuhui name card; while the Old Bund buildings are synonym for the old classic buildings for Shanghai. The oriental Bay, which located in the center of Xuhui along the bund, inherits the heritage of the design concept of architectural essence, extracting new London elegant demeanor to create neo classical style.

The details of each building facade were repeated deliberated. From the design of three main facade sections to the division of each stone are carefully scrutinized by designers.

Using elegant beige stones, with three-stage division, to develop the appropriate proportion, and shape an erect architectural image. The rhythm of the windows and the wall between them are carefully controlled to lay the foundation of the overall sense of the facade. Details from arch shape, window trims, to the connection of eaves, comparison of the balcony railing are meticulous processed, and reflects the delicate and elegance of the appearance.

It pushes the inherit of classical architectural legend to a brand new top by using the simple lines, exquisite and rich details, top grand materials and the quality precision.

Featuring over 400㎡ of space, with excellent location, reflects the scarcity for property in Shanghai. The area of this B1 flat is 460㎡, including 3 bedrooms are both delivered with ensuite baths in addition to a powder room, 1 guest bedroom, 1 study room, 3 big balconies and 1 work balcony. Spacious public space covers the lobby, living room, dining room, Chinese kitchen and western kitchen, in the premise of function completion, express the liquidity of space to emphasis on the luxury of the flat.

Apartment layouts extract the spirits from traditional Xuhui villa of Concession area, abandon the conventional north-south cross layout, with substitution with using 180-DEG sides open, to create panoramic layout design. The west, south and north side of the apartment all has a balcony to maximize the absorption of the city greening and landscape. And the main facade has up to 10 meters wide balcony, superior to the conventional south wide hall, to create a modern elite life with delicate. Facade with a British style ladder-like window design makes non acute angles to create harmony with the surrounding environment. Interior design and facade design, architecture and environment, all elements fit with each other to build a modest classic design character.