LOCATION: Yangzhou,Jiangsu,China




Hidden in the heart of old town Centre in Yangzhou, a historic city and a top travel destination in China, the Heritage House Hotel and Lingnan Clubhouse Architectural Museum are designed and managed by HWCD. The project has entered the short list of World Interiors News Awards.

Lingnan Clubhouse Architectural Museum

This unique architectural museum is located inside the Lingnan Clubhouse occupying 3 listed buildings, once a clubhouse for Cantonese elites and businessmen who traded and lived in Yangzhou when Yangzhou was at its most glorious time in the Qin Dynasty. The concept of this redevelopment design by architects, HWCD, was to embrace the beauty of local traditional architecture whilst bringing in the buzz of contemporary lifestyle. After an easy 8-minute walk or ride with electrical rickshaw crossing puzzled, narrow, but fun and interesting lanes, our guests will enter through the grand original gates of the Lingnan Clubhouse.

From this point on, the guests’ unique experience begins immediately upon entry into the first historic building of three. The rich architectural elements of these buildings and the original materials of the Lingnan clubhouse, offer insight to local traditional architecture of the Qin Dynasty presented and displayed in a museum manner. There are ancient architectural culture exhibition area, architecture library and architecture design exhibition hall in the museum. Nostalgia and precipitation history of ancient architecture remind visitors of the old scenes here.

Yangzhou Heritage House Hotel & Resort

The Heritage House Hotel is a 35 guest room boutique hotel occupying four blocks of 1990s school buildings. The reception of the hotel is located on the opposite of the Lingnan Clubhouse Architectural Museum, convenient for the guests to check-in. After walking through the old buildings and open public spaces, guests will come into a quieter private area. Alongside these displays are café, restaurant, and bar services within these three old buildings meeting the high standards expected by not only the globetrotter but also locals who crave a fine fusion gourmet and refreshments. Whilst the ambience of the historic buildings are soothing and subtle, the large open public spaces with 8 glorious Camphor tress and an outdoor swimming pool accompany more exquisite amenities such as an outdoor bar, outdoor cinema and so on.