XianLegend Hotel is located in Taiping Valley area between Qinghua Mountain andGuifeng Mountain in Caotang town, Xian City, at the foot of the rollingQinling range. To its east are the remains of Shanglin Palace from Han Dynasty,and to its east is Yajian International Golf Club. Stretching to Taiping Riverto the west and Xufeng road to the north, its only one mile away from themountain road and 40 minutes drive from Xian. Surrounded by mountains andwater, the site is bestowed with rich natural resources.  


Xi' an Legend Hotel is beside the Xi' an Yuanzi Residence Phase 1 & 2.The site terrain is quite complexity.


HWCD design team investigated the site and the land around carefully.The scenery of loess plateau with layer upon layer of peaks and knolls provides rich material for inspiration, especially the changes of levels.The combination of carved terrain structure and the way living in caves creates a strong local cutoms. 


There will be a winery inside the Xi'an Legend Hotel which shows the brewing process. HWCD design team visited a winery in Huxian, Shannxi Provinc to understand the brewing process includeding the fermenting, distillery and storage areas. The use of local materials and brewing equipment has been a part of the local cultural heritage.


Our intention is to design a buildingwhich grows organically from the mountain and is fully integrated into its location. Using rammed earth from the site to clad the walls of thehotel not only offers sustainability and a cost-effective construction solutionbut a unique opportunity to give a strong identity and a dynamic atmosphere tothe development.


At the very begging of the design stage, we designed four different options. The option 1 was finally chosen as the one we continue to develop with.


This is the first option of the conceptual design. First,the design team built up the preliminary model.


After development, the hotel scheme design was comlpeted. The main hotel was built along the mountain. The guests are able to arrive the entrance by passing a windng road which was designed prropely in the east. There are wide waterscape, cascading waterfalls and green island in the water betwee the residence and hotel. It enriches the view of the north side of the hotel while provides a good south view to the most houses in the residence. 


There are 10 floors in the hotel which has functions as lobby, banquet hall, restaurant, restaurants, bars, theaters, conference center, fitness center, rooms, administrative, presidential suite, and management of equipment room. The circulation is reasonable and the layout is quite flexible and creative.There are platforms in all important spaces, intergrating the external natural enviroment.  


Besides the main building, the design team created a series of functional monomer buildings.