Virtual-Real Bamboo Cube
Designers use criss crossing bamboos to create a virtual-real synthetic cube following the base elements of the China Classic Garden, that it expresses the harmony and unification between architecture and the nature using the simplest terms.

Luxury Properties Landmark
The luxury and elegant English appeal, the unhurried lifestyle, the hidden prosper, the joy of convenience: As the very rare detached mansion at the core of HongQiao district, the Kingdom Park becomes a living scenery in Shanghai, the international city, with its England appeal and its incredibly delicate craftsmanship.

“Architecture and Urban” , the Chinese version of “a+u”. Target Audience: International architects, Landscape architects, Urban planners, Interior Designers, Artists, Architect Department and Construction committee, Construction bureau officers in all provinces, Real estate developers, Teacher and students of architecture related majors, and other architecture related enterprises, technicians and research institutions.