HWCD is a rapidly growing architectural and interior design company with an international scope. It has design teams in Shanghai, London and Barcelona, which work closely together to deliver integral designs and consultancy services for a global client base. Boutique hotels, luxury residential and high end commercial properties are our core strengths. We believe in a holistic design approach rather than one based on style or form. For HWCD, true luxury lies in technique, innovation and personalised solution to match the environment, experience and expectation of our discerning clientele.

What makes HWCD unique is the close working relation among the architectural, interior design and procurement teams. Together they secure the highest quality products and flawless technical executions for the clients.

HWCD has developed its own design and management models. Each department (Interior Design, Architecture and Landscaping) is headed by a creative executive, whose main responsibility is to direct, encourage and challenge the design teams he/she leads. Within each design team are a few sub-teams. Their team-leaders manage the progress and timeliness of their projects. All projects undergo discussions and brainstorming by different teams, so that the cross-team voices are heard, and such dialogues keep ideas fresh and talents recognised. Our model enriches the design, and makes sure the creative executives, project managers and procurement consultants are involved throughout. Each project also has a designated controller, who oversees the management of time, budget and resources, so that the designers can focus on delivering the highest standard works.